Bella’s Gluten Free

Bella’s Gluten Free. When people are first diagnosed with an intolerance or auto immune condition that forbids gluten, there is a need for gluten free mixes. Gluten free cake mix for a birthday, baking mix for the cookies. Having a busy life is common and when you can’t just go down to the local sandwich […]

Raspberry Frosting

Valentines isn’t over yet, is it? Yes?! What are you talking about? If Valentines was over this picture of a pink cupcake wouldn’t be staring you in the face! Oh well, I guess I can’t convince everyone. 😉 I created this recipe for raspberry frosting crossing my fingers that my family would like it. Well, […]

Theo Chocolate

I spy chocolate! Theo Chocolate, to be exact. Salted Almond, Orange, 70% Dark, Fig Fennel & Almond, Vanilla Nib & Pili Pili Chili. That’s a lot of chocolate. So ones gotta have help, right? My family had no trouble volunteering for this job. They tasted a piece of every single dairy free & vegan chocolate […]

Let’s Do Organic! Giveaway

Lets Do Organic! I love anything coconut. So when I found out you could make flour out of coconut, I was psyched. I received quite a few things from the “Lets Do Organic” brand. Canned coconut milk, coconut flakes, shredded coconut and coconut flour. As usual, I used the coconut flakes + shredded coconut to […]

Valentines Thumbprint Cookies

Nothing says I love you like cookies. Or chocolate. Possibly peanut butter. Who are we kidding? Any of those things are always accepted! Especially strawberry jam thumbprint cookies. And you can use Valentines Day as an excuse to make them, because after all, they are red. And everyone knows Valentines stuff is red. Right? Valentines […]

Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter. So, you know the coconut butter you see in Whole Foods? So, you know that expensive price tag they have? That’s about to all change. All it takes is a food processor and shredded coconut or fresh coconut flesh. I also did a how to on coconuts that you can view here. Coconut […]