Wow Baking Company

Wow Baking Company.

So yummy they even have a cookie with a bite out of it as their symbol.


Cool, right? 😉

So I received a package in the mail bearing my name. *cue excitement*

I was so thankful to open it up and find that Wow Baking Company had sent me some of their items to review. Score! 🙂

Note: Wow Baking Company offers gluten free items, but they are not dairy free. Also, this is not a sponsored review. All opinions stated here are my opinions, not Wow Baking Company’s. I choose to review products I believe in, not because I’m being paid to do so. Thank you 🙂

The first item I tasted was their Chocolate Chip cookie. I can honestly say it was one of the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had! It was soft, the chocolate chips were flavorful, and though this picture does not illustrate this fact, it was quite a big cookie. Most gluten free cookies are dry or hard instead of soft and chewy.

The next one was their Ginger Molasses cookie.

My mom adored this one. It tastes like gingerbread to me and is chewy and has a great texture! Gluten free newbies will not be disappointed.

Then, it was on to the packaged goodies.

Brownies, people! That’s what!

These brownies were not skimpy on the chocolate chips, I’ll tell you that. They truly had a double chocolate taste. Chocolate lovers unite! Great brownies.


Next, it was the peanut butter cookies. After reading the package’s claim that when people taste this cookie they will say “now that’s a peanut butter cookie!” I didn’t think it would be true.

Haha, wrong.

It was delicious! And I, a true peanut butter connoisseur, would know! Just kidding, I’m not a peanut butter connoisseur. But that would sure be fun.

Next up to the plate, Snickerdoodles! Everyone loves snickerdoodles, or so I’m told. I myself am not a big snickerdoodle fan. But I found myself becoming one when I tasted these cookies. Pillowy, not sickly sweet, with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar. Brilliant.

If you like lemon, you’ll be a big fan of these lemon cookies. I like lemon, but I have this love-hate thing with citrus in cookies. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes…meh. But these lemony cookies convinced me that citrus in baked goods doesn’t have to be so “meh”. In fact, it can be pretty darn good! Keep up the good work.

The final product was oregon oatmeal cookies. As true to the nature of all the previously tested goodies, this was not dry, crumbly, or tasteless…or worse, tasted like cardboard. It was flavorful, bursting with sweet raisins and chewy oats. An oatmeal cookie, just like its supposed to be!

After testing all the products, I concluded that this was a very good quality company, with good standards, such as only using real ingredients in their products. Though they aren’t vegan, I think that celiacs everywhere will rejoice when they taste Wow Baking Company’s cookies and other baked goods. That’s the tasty truth.


3 thoughts on “Wow Baking Company

  1. I love these cookies, in fact..I love them so much that these are what gave me the push to go vegan. Sounds confusing right? Well I went to a vegetarian food festival last year, and these cookies were there. I ate SO many of these cookies that I was in PAIN I felt so sick. It was that day that I decided I was going to be a vegan and I never looked back. While I do miss these cookies, I make a pretty mean vegan chocolate chip cookie!

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