Raspberry Frosting

Valentines isn’t over yet, is it? Yes?! What are you talking about? If Valentines was over this picture of a pink cupcake wouldn’t be staring you in the face! Oh well, I guess I can’t convince everyone. 😉 I created this recipe for raspberry frosting crossing my fingers that my family would like it. Well, […]

The New + Improved Oatmeal Cookie

So my last post about oatmeal cookies was good. But…why settle for “good” when you can have “great”? Naturally, I set out to make a better oatmeal cookie. One that was as yummy as it was beautiful. If oatmeal cookies can be beautiful…. That’s the dough, wrong picture! There we go. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies […]

Healthy Fluffy Pancakes

Do you remember the post about my oatmeal adventures? Well, those cookies did not mark the last of my oat flour experiments! “What is that?” you ask, “It looks a little weird.” PANCAKES! RASIN PANCAKES! Or, shall I say, beauty and the beast pancakes. See, the batter looks kinda gross, but when you cook them […]