Fudge Bites

Fudge bites. Yum, yum, yum! Some things are just better when they’re simple. That goes for a lot of things, but treats is certainly one of them. You don’t need flour, butter, sugar or food coloring to make things taste great. The best ingredients are the natural ones. They not only taste great, but they’re […]

Coconut Whipped Cream

Coconut whipped cream. My little brother has to be dairy free + has been dairy free since he was a baby. Whenever he eats dairy, he gets a clogged tearduct + it’s very uncomfortable for him. That means he can’t have whipped cream or regular ice cream (he eats coconut ice cream), so if we […]

The Big 50! (And Mint Oreos)

Sooo… I now have 50 followers. No biggie. YES! IT IS A BIG DEAL! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Just a month ago I was filling out a form to see if I could do a review on a gluten free company’s product + I could’ve sworn I put down 14 followers. Fast forward + I […]


Artisana. Artisana is based in California (my old home) and sells everything from coconut butter to nut butters. Recently, they sent me their sample pack to review on my blog. Pictured here: Phyto Plankton, Acai Berry, Pecan Butter & Goji + Milk Thistle. We had some more, but we didn’t get to photograph them cause […]

Let’s Do Organic! Giveaway

Lets Do Organic! I love anything coconut. So when I found out you could make flour out of coconut, I was psyched. I received quite a few things from the “Lets Do Organic” brand. Canned coconut milk, coconut flakes, shredded coconut and coconut flour. As usual, I used the coconut flakes + shredded coconut to […]

Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter. So, you know the coconut butter you see in Whole Foods? So, you know that expensive price tag they have? That’s about to all change. All it takes is a food processor and shredded coconut or fresh coconut flesh. I also did a how to on coconuts that you can view here. Coconut […]