Theo Chocolate

I spy chocolate!


Theo Chocolate, to be exact.

Salted Almond, Orange, 70% Dark, Fig Fennel & Almond, Vanilla Nib & Pili Pili Chili.

That’s a lot of chocolate.

So ones gotta have help, right?

My family had no trouble volunteering for this job.

They tasted a piece of every single dairy free & vegan chocolate bar you see here.


All without complaining. They are so compliant. 😉

Well, lets get down to chocolate business, shall we?

The Taste Testing

First, we tasted Fig Fennel Almond. People who like unusual flavors would like this one. Fennel lovers, too.

Vanilla Nib was next since we had been waiting to try it. It has cacao nibs and vanilla beans. Sounds great, right? It was! The bitterness of the cacao balanced out the vanilla bean. Yum.

70% Dark had to be my sister’s favorite. She is a dark chocolate fanatic. The darker the better when it comes to her taste. She loved it!

Pili Pili Chili piqued my mom’s interest and she opened it. Pili Pili Chili is a spicy chocolate bar. For those of you who are into spicy food, this one is for you.

Salted Almond is a salty treat. It was a little too salty for my taste, but if you’re the one who likes that I would recommend giving it a try.

I saved my favorite for last. Orange chocolate. Yummy, yummy orange mixed with dark chocolate. It balances out perfectly and is a sure fire treat to please fruit nuts and chocolate lovers alike.

You can find Theo Chocolate at Whole Foods, their website, and on

A big thank you to Theo Chocolate for letting me review their chocolate. This was seriously fun, guys! 🙂


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