Chocolate Almond Butter

Chocolate almond butter. I have been looking for a way to make chocolate almond butter for a long time, but my plans always involved cacao/cocoa powder + a sweetener such as xylitol. I tried and tried, but I couldn’t get it. My friend then found an easy way to make almond butter. So easy that […]

Coconut Whipped Cream

Coconut whipped cream. My little brother has to be dairy free + has been dairy free since he was a baby. Whenever he eats dairy, he gets a clogged tearduct + it’s very uncomfortable for him. That means he can’t have whipped cream or regular ice cream (he eats coconut ice cream), so if we […]

How to Make Maple Almond Butter

I made almond butter. And it was soooo delicious! You can too. But let me tell you, you’ve got to have some patience. And preferably some almonds, sea salt + maple sugar. Just kidding, those aren’t preferences, please have those in the house before you attempt to make this. Please. 😉 Dont’s of Almond Butter […]

Raspberry Frosting

Valentines isn’t over yet, is it? Yes?! What are you talking about? If Valentines was over this picture of a pink cupcake wouldn’t be staring you in the face! Oh well, I guess I can’t convince everyone. 😉 I created this recipe for raspberry frosting crossing my fingers that my family would like it. Well, […]