The Pure Pantry

The Pure Pantry.

Recently, the Pure Pantry sent me some gluten free mixes to review.


Mixes for Sugar cookies, dark chocolate cake mix, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal spice cookies + all purpose baking mix + 2 pancakes mixes, one flax and one regular.

First, I decided to try the dark chocolate cake mix. I used it to create these lovely cupcakes.


These were incredible. They were moist, chocolate-y + overall great.


At the same time, I made the chocolate chip cookies.


They were a little bit more biscuit-y than I was expecting, but they still tasted good.


Now, it was time to make the sugar cookies! Before they visited the oven…



…And after!

These were very good + did not crumble away like most gluten free cookies. Perfect!

I made pancakes with both mixes + they turned out amazing. Just like regular pancakes.

The baking mix is very, very similar to gluten all purpose flour + it is a very reliable all purpose.

Pure Pantry’s mixes hold up to make the yummiest gluten free treats + their cookies mixes are very good. I would highly recommend the dark chocolate cake mix.

I would like to thank the Pure Pantry for allowing me to review these items.


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