Alter Eco

Another chocolate review.


This time, the chocolate in question is from a company called Alter Eco. The ingredients for their chocolate (among other products including quinoa + sugar) is grown by small-scale farms. These farms practice fair trade, sustainability + their crops are organic. By working with smaller farms as opposed to bigger ones, they are benefiting small businesses and helping them grow.

To me, this is a very good thing. Helping out smaller businesses in the form of buying chocolate is a simple way of growing a community.

And it’s delicious. 😉

I received from Alter Eco:

1. Pearl Quinoa
2. Mascobado Cane Sugar
3. Dark Coconut Toffee Chocolate
4. Nutty Toasted Quinoa Chocolate
5. Dark Blackout Chocolate


I used the cane sugar in my chocolate chip cookies recipe + they turned out great! The sugar has a very carmel taste + is perfect for baking, sprinkling on oatmeal + pretty much everything. Except for tomato sauce. 😉

The chocolate was delicious + I will for sure be re-purchasing the dark coconut toffee chocolate because it was delicious! unfortunately, it wasn’t vegan, but the nutty toasted quinoa chocolate was + it was heaven! The quinoa was like crispy rice in chocolate, but has more value. The dark blackout chocolate is for serious chocolate lovers only. It is extremely dark.

I haven’t gotten to cook the pearl quinoa, but I am very much impressed with everything Alter Eco sent me, so I am sure the quinoa will be fantastic.


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