How to Make Maple Almond Butter

I made almond butter.

And it was soooo delicious!

You can too. But let me tell you, you’ve got to have some patience.


And preferably some almonds, sea salt + maple sugar.

Just kidding, those aren’t preferences, please have those in the house before you attempt to make this. Please. 😉

Dont’s of Almond Butter
1. Do not add any liquid or oil. It will cause your almond butter to clump up.
2. Do not over blend your almond butter. It will become all crumbly.
3. Do not share with your family members. Instead hoard it like a squirrel. Your family members will become addicted and your hopes of almond butter on toast will be dashed. True story.

Maple Almond Butter

2 cups of unsalted almonds
2 tbsp maple sugar
1/4 tsp sea salt

1. Blend almonds until they’re in the “flour stage”. Then add the maple sugar and sea salt. Continue to blend until you have creamy, smooth almond butter.

2. Wait. Patience is super important when making this because it might take awhile. Read a book. Watch a full length movie. I am just kidding about the movie part. 😉


My mom is now desperately addicted to my almond butter + no longer likes her favorite earth balance flaxseed peanut butter as much as my almond butter. That’s success. 😉


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