Coconut Love!

Coconut Love.

So, the other day I ventured into Whole Foods as I normally do.

I was minding my own business when BAM! I came face to face with a coconut.

Now, I have ALWAYS wanted to crack open a coconut (don’t we all), but only until recently did I want to cut out the flesh and make my own coconut butter.

In short, I walked out of Whole Foods that day with my friend, the coconut.

As soon as we drove into the driveway, I scrambled out of the car like a madwoman and grabbed a hammer and a screwdriver and got to work on draining the juice and cracking open my prize.

Then, I took it inside and started to cut out the flesh.

I was so excited…until my mom tasted a piece. And spat it out.

The horror! Turns out my beautiful coconut was rancid. Rancid, I tell you, rancid!

Disappointed, I dumped out the juice and flesh into the trash can. And dreamed of coconuts…

A few days later, I went to Whole Foods again (are we seeing a pattern here?) and talked to a cashier about my coconut mishap. She told me to simply grab another coconut and I could have it…free of charge! I happily skipped out of the store holding yet another coconut.

I went home and cracked it open, drained the juice…then the moment of truth.

My mom tasted a piece. And she didn’t spit it out! My coconut was perfect, no disgustingness here.

Dissembling a coconut is a lot easier than you think. You’ll be a pro in no time! 😉

How to Disassemble a Coconut

You will need:
2 bowls
1 plate
1 plastic bag
Cutting board


Note: I advise you to do this outside unless you want

1. This picture is of the three “eyes” on a coconut. To drain the juice, you put the screwdriver through the softest “eye”. Tip the coconut upside down and drain the juice into a bowl. Transfer to jar.

2. Next, place the coconut in the plastic bag. Take the hammer and hit the coconut several times until it cracks open.



3. Now, take all your supplies inside to begin cutting up the coconut. Place one half of the coconut on a cutting board.



4. Designate one plate/ bowl for the coconut skin and one for the flesh.


5. Cut the flesh off of the skin and place in bowl. Wash all the pieces off before transferring to a clean bowl. Coconut flesh should be white. Save for use in a jar or container.

I apologize for the informal dishware, we’re renovating and we don’t have many things out…


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