Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark!
Remember that delightfully good stuff Williams Sonoma sells? For a not so delightful $26 per pound? Well, step aside Williams Sonoma, cause we’ve found you out.


Unfortunately, this will be an exception to the dairy free recipes I usually post on this blog. But I am pleased to report that it is gluten free. Although…you could make it dairy free if you use dairy free white chocolate chips (look on and dairy free chocolate chips. Chocolate Covered Katie has a recipe for dairy free white chocolate chips on her blog that’s healthier than what you would buy. Click here for the recipe.
My grandma, who is not a big fan of sweets, loves this peppermint bark!
This is not an original recipe, but was found on


Please read this post all the way through before attempting this peppermint bark, as we had a bit of trial and error.


That above, my friends, is what trial and error looks like. When we used to oven to melt the chocolate chips as suggested, it instead burnt them. So, we used the microwave and it turned out awesome.


It was smooth and normal when we used the microwave. Lesson: don’t use the oven to do the microwave’s job! 😉

To read the recipe, click here.

Enjoy and happy holidays! 🙂


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